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Consultant Machine
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If you cannot login to the consultant machine (EG/HIB/MST), ask Norm to set you up. You can usually find him in his office, in the machine room -- behind Sarms' cubicle. [enter machine room, close door behind you, go left past the security monitors, through the white door, towards your right; Norm is in the 3rd cubicle to your left. OR, dial x48132]

Save your files to your own directory that you create under "Save Here."

Utilize the RC Toolbar created by Ray and Montie. Click here to reach it. (you'll need the "boxes" pw)

EG LAB B: Keep the door to the consultant booth open while you're on duty, and make sure the Machine Room door is closed and locked.

MST: dont pick your nose, they can see through the tint. Class schedules are posted near the entrance doors, and also in corporate time (lookup r:lab).

HIB: no booth... if ART students come in, they might be in the wrong lab, the artslab room of HIB is down the hall from you, before the Men's Restroom.

Lab Problem Reports
Report Problems using the Lab Log (click here).

Be sure to mark the problematic computer with a Pink Card. Write a brief, hand-written description of the problem and place it on the keyboard of the machine. The cards are located near the door of the consultant booth.

Activation Kiosks
EG LAB B: 2 (two) next to the first entrance door.
HIB: 2 near the entrance of the lab, to your left.
MST LAB A: 1 near the North Entrance of the lab. (first door coming from the front)

Login Problems
- Make sure the capslock is not on. UCInetID should be in all lower-case.
- Old UCInetID: Check their UCInetID date of activation; if it's BEFORE 2001, have them try CHANGING the pw to the SAME pw. (reason: the encryption on their pw is too old for our version of kerberos, so this "change" will re-encrypt it)
- Make sure their account is not Locked. If ActAdmin shows that it is, send them upstairs. (see PEO/Locked accounts)
- If their pw begins with a #, have them change it so that it begins with a letter.
- If problem persists, get their UCInetID and report it in the Lab Log.

Use them, they're there for you! Its not a red BOOK, its actually a red BINDER, but yes, we call them redbooks.

Walk around the labs every now and then. Keep the lab tidy... push chairs in, pickup non-disgusting trash, pickup any left-over diskettes, etc.

Make sure you mop and wipe all the tables spic-n-span before the end of your shift. Just kidding, just make sure to throw away any trash you see layin around, and remind people of our NO FOOD/DRINKS in the labs Rule.

From the Consultant machine, you can run a netsend from the command line: "net send /domain Please throw away all food/drinks. Don't make me come out there. No, not you, the person next to you. Yes, you!"

If you notice any condesation or water dripping from a ceiling tile directly above you, MOVE! then call facilities at x????. If that # is wrong, check the redbook.

Lost & Found
Any non-valuable items can be kept in the consultant booth. If you find diskettes, stack em with the rest of the lost/found diskettes. Any books or notebooks, etc, can be also be kept in the consultant booth/desk.

Any valuable items, turn into the RC help-desk Lost & Found, and let Chris Jone's know. Also, report any urgent type of findings to the police. (ie: car keys, wallets, etc)

Printer/PayPrint Problems
Pharos Remote is our printer queue manager. Ask the person training you for the login:pw to get into the program.

The main print que you'll be dealing with is under ETNA - PPEG, blah blah blah

Using the Card Writer
- Password: ask a fellow RC consultant
- To check the value of the card, simply insert it.
- To add value to the card, insert the "whatever" card, enter the password, enter the amount, then insert the already-initialized printcard.
- To initialize the card, simply insert the "whatever" card, enter the password, then insert the non-initialized card.
- Cleaning: submerge card reader under scolding hot water. the jump off a cliff. I'm just kidding.

Location of paper/toner
-EG Lab B:
There should be some reems in the bookshelf in the consultant booth (check inside the cabinet too). If not, you can grab some from the storage room in the back of the machine room. Its where "wheels" is parked. *Dont forget to sign out anything you take out of there (paper/toner).
-MST: There should be some somewhere in the booth, check the drawers and shelves behind you.
-HIB: There might be some in the drawer or under the desk. Also check near the printer.

-EG Lab B:
Toner cartridges are in the storage room in the back of the machine room. Its where "wheels" is parked. *Dont forget to sign out anything you take out of there (paper/toner).
-MST: Request through Lab Log or E-mail Steve Pickett.
-HIB: Request through Lab Log or E-mail Steve Pickett.

Using the Color Printer
When users want to print to the color printer, they must make sure to send their print job to the color printer queue.

Photoshop Problems
macs? NOOOO!

Scanner Problems
TWAIN Acquire




Opening/Closing the labs
All doors must be closed and no motion should be occuring in the lab when you attempt to arm it. You must stand still for a few seconds before you will be able to arm the lab. You typically have 30 seconds (delay time) to get out of the lab before it actually arms.


- Special Instructions, see MST

Its been rumored that the delay counter counts faster than it should, so get out while you can, its gonna blow! j/k, it wont blow, you'll just be locked in there forever. j/k, maybe until Steve Pickett opens the lab in the morning. ok ok, basically, get out before it arms. =)

We typically dont arm these labs.
Consultants aren't usually around to close this lab, but yah...

The EG labs are closed every Tuesday morning, from 12am to 2am, for cleaning. To close the labs...

Send warnings:

- 1 hour warning
- 30 minute warning
- 10 minute warning

Shutdown the Computers:
At 11:55pm, shutdown all the PCs via the consultant machine's command prompt. You can run Sarms' batch files, located in the Save Here dir.

Lock Doors:
Lock all doors leading into the labs, but before you do, be sure to clear the labs of any stragglers. There should only be two doors to lock, the front entrance double doors, and the side entrance door (located at the foot of the steps, coming from the double doors). All doors within the labs, leave open... courtesy to the cleaning crew.

Unlock Doors:
you can unlock the doors as soon as the cleaning crew gives you the OK. Be sure to close any doors leading to the machine room before unlocking the doors leading to the labs.

Closing the Lab:
-Leave machines on
-Lock all doors via side-button
-Turn off all the lights
-Close the partition (instructions)
-Power down consultant machine
-Turn off lights in consultant booth
-Lock door to consultant booth
-check to make sure server room door is locked

ARMING the lab using the lab's keypad:
-Arm the server room first
-Arm the consultant booth second
-Arm the labs last.

Opening the labs... reverse order of closing the labs.

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- yah, close the lab.
- Leave the computers on
- Arm the lab