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 RC Meetings 01.14.2003 by Sylvia
"It appears we are evenly divided between Wednesday & Thursday to meet at 5:00 PM. Another option is to meet at 4:00 PM. Can you all fill out the form again and see if you're available at 4 instead? We may try that this quarter or alternate the meeting days between Wednesdays and Thursdays.

 Updated phone list 01.14.2003 by Ray

Group filtering has been added onto the NACS Staff Phonelist! Yay! (Note: currently in beta) Click here

 News... 01.14.2003 by Ray
  • The Network Users stack has been moved. and the toolbar is updated. Yay!
  • The NACS staff phone list is now searcheable! Click here to use it.. or click 'staff phones' from the Lists section on the toolbar.
 EWS pages... by popular request 01.14.2003 by Chris =)

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